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Time for you to remember you too are important. Take a day off and do what pleases you, and only you. It will help, promise. hugs


It seems to me that you are a human being first and foremost. People do not learn from perfection for they are not themselves perfect. Your humanity is an asset, not a liability. How you deal with feeling lost, or discouraged, or even angry, probably teaches people more than all the sermons.

And remember, size isn't everything, no matter what the spammers tell you! It seems to me that a really big congregation would mean that you would be spread even thinner than you are now, and your message would be diluted and de-personalized. What's that place on tv that's made of glass? Crystal Cathedral or something? Architecturally beautiful, but to me that place seems to be all about appearances, not about message. What did AVI say about watered-down and easy-to-swallow?
(So, do y'all allow women to be priests? 'Cause apparently, I can sermonize!)


Oh boy, that post could have been written by me! Hang in there, and remember you are great, and you're allowed to feel not so great sometimes.


I have been checking out your blog off and on since we met on your last trip down here. I have been very impressed by how you take care of yourself - your constant communing with nature, fishing, lots of family time. I don't do very good with any of that, and believe it or not, reading your blog and knowing what a great church you have, has inspired me to follow your lead.
Weary I get. And weary you can deal with. You already know how. Maybe you need to say no a few times more often, maybe it's definitely vacation time. Go talk to the beaver, he'll tell ya - get some GOOD rest, for there's always, ALWAYS, more work to do.


Still pretty cold at night, it is about zero degrees c, and during the day up to about 16, I think, but we are real babies and all have jerseys on!! Apparently it is a medical fact that if you live in warm places your blood thins, well that is my excuse anyway!! I can't seem to reply to your mail address, so have to post here! Catch a fish for me!!! (you can clean it and eat it too!!)


Reading thorough this post a question came up in my mind. What is your goal for the church? You sound as though you haven't impacted enough, or grown enough. It's very hard to meet a goal which is not specifically measurable.

Are you looking to have 1,000 people on a Sunday? If so there are a lot of people, myself included, who will help make that goal a reality. It helps me to know the call God has given to you for us so that I know what I'm shooting for.

This may be equally true for our youth ministry. Is the status quo ok, or are we looking for a concrete change? That's probably more for me to answer.

I know where you're coming from. Just last night (I only read your entry today) I said something a little similar at bible study. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's a phase, but God is in this church, I need to open my ears to hear his shout.



I used to worry a lot more about size, I mean church size, of course. I know you, Rob. And that means I know you're touching a lot of lives, nurturing, challenging, or just being with someone. I also know you're so independent, that what we say is not how you judge yourself. Still.....I'll try. Building community in a church, making a safe place for people to come to, KNOWING people. Doesn't happen in a big, big church Because the numbers work against it. Unless there are a lot of small "churches" in that big church. And Episcopal churches don't get big; they form new churches - to keep community.

I think you've got it right. I'll bet your congregation agrees.


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