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Mike O

Being able to give detailed financial advice is difficult on a (public) blog, it bumps up against rules, laws and compliance issues. You may want to start a (private) google group, so finance stuff can be hashed out, transparently?

Like you, I live where houses are expensive, and have faced some of the challenges you have faced.

By the way, when's your anniversary?

cheers, Mike o

Scot McKnight

Here's one piece of advice we have followed our entire marriage (or most of it): pay the credit card bill every month (completely).


I'm sorry you're stressed...stressing about money is no fun. I also don't quite understand sometimes how I can't manage to save anything. I do not live extravagantly by any means, but I suppose I do spend money on things sometimes without budgeting it out.
I like to buy nice gifts for people, and I like to go do things! See the opera, go travelling. I got a bit ahead of myself this past year with the trips to see Pete and have him come here...combined with Christmas I put myself into a hole I am having trouble climbing out of.
Not in debt, really, I am very grateful for that. I can see how easily it could happen!


Here's the thing. Even for those of us who live modestly, we live in a society that sends us a million messages a day in a million different ways that we should spend all the money we make plus some. We've managed to keep things under control, fortunately housing is under 1/4 of expenses and we pay off credit cards every month, old cars so no car debt, but I have to say I'm amazed at how certain bills of "deregulated" utilities have skyrocketed since the deregulation took effect. Plus all the little stuff somehow adds up. So I think this all goes to explain why so many people are in such deep debt and are scrambling and struggling just to stay above water.


i am sitting here on the 26th, wondering how i'm going to make it until the 31st.and actually i'm lucky to make it to the 26th....lots of folks are broke by the 15th. i really hate money.


Hello Mike,

Thanks for dropping by. Actually, we aren't having trouble financially, just always amazes that money never goes quite as far as I'd like.

We're with you on the credit cards, Scot. And we even pay them on time!

Avoiding debt is such a wise decision, Sarah. Thanks for the encouragement.

A mortgage that is under 1/4 of your expenses--sounds like a dream come true, Chip! Our mortgage here in N. Virginia is almost 4x what it was in Florida. And there we built a brand new house that was considerably bigger than the one in which we live now!

I'm with you, PPB. Part of my problem is I just really don't care much about money--but I know I have to at least to a certain extent to be responsible. Or least semi-responsible...

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