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Rob: This is so funny. I have never gotten a manicure or pedicure - don't know why really. So how does Linda like your nails?


You know Kris, Linda doesn't even notice! :)

Next time you are town I'll have to set you and Scot up for manicures. How's that for incentive to come back and visit?!


Next time get your nails buffed, it gives them a nice look that lasts longer than polishing, and yes you should get a pedicure. The pleasure of dipping your sore feet in hot paraffin wax is absolute. You should try Rosie's Nails on Church Street, near Rt28. I have been going there since we moved to Ashburn and they are great.

Tom Leary

My wife says i'm nuts, but every time I get polish on my nails my finger tips feel hot. I mena, uncomfortably hot for a week or so afterward. So I tend to stick with the buff.



Definately buffed and not polished.

A pedicure is to die for. You will feel so energized and happy feet make for a happy person. You will be amazed at how much it changes your outlook and how great you feel afterward.

I am impressed that you take care of your hands. I find it very appropriate since I am sure you do a lot of handshaking and comforting with them.


Well, Deanne and Lisa, sounds like I really do need to get a pedicure. Tom--what do you think: Maybe we shoud go get pedicures together. It would be a great way to talk business, don't you think?

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