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I don't have a problem with people earning a ton of money for their talents, nor do I have a problem with doing a job solely for the money (as opposed to the joy of the thing). What I DO have a problem with is that the compensation of top CEO's is increasingly disconnected from job performance - they get big bucks for doing nothing, or many times, failing and making their company worse off. This devalues everyone else's work, and puts jobs and benefits at risk. We don’t need this kind of thing when there’s the gulf coast to rebuild and so many people displaced.

For my part, as a federal employee, my pay raises are never anything but very modest. However, I am pretty comfortable, and don’t really want for anything. I was SO mad when there were people at my office (not to cast dispersions, but they were all liberals) who were complaining about budget cutbacks and gloating that the federal employee’s union strong armed a pay raise through again this year, even though the Gulf Coast is still devastated and needs to be paid for. I would have gladly forgone the pay raise or even dropped a step within grade to help out, plus my agency is really bloated anyway, it needed cutting. I was so disgusted I had to go take a walk. Ok, on second thought, maybe I did mean to cast dispersions…



What pay raise?

Though I guess technically I didn't get any pay this year (as I don't have a "real job", since I'm a full time SAHM), but I consider my husband's income to be mine too at this point, so I'll count his raise as mine.

And I'll say it again - what pay raise?

We actually had what I call a pay cut - an almost 100% increase in the price of our health insurance. Finding 200 more dollars a month for health insurance was a fun exercise in budgeting.

I do not begrudge anyone a raise. I'd certainly love for us to get one again sometime soon! My husband certainly deserves one - but there isn't any money for that possibility happening in our state with the way the economy is right now.

But what on earth could someone be doing to deserve that kind of increase? I just don't get it.


Wow, a 30 percent raise! I could sure do with that this year what with paying for my son's extensive medical expenses, having had to replace everything from the car to the hot water heater to the air conditioner, to kitchen appliances, and other basics all in one year (because they were used up/broken, not for fun). Being a relatively recent widow employed by the Federal Govt, I am extremely grateful for that eensy weensy less-than-cost-of-living increase pay raise. I know quite a few of my fellow workers who use their money to help their aging parents, pay for expensive child care, help the needy, or barely meet their own needs in this expensive place to live (there are lots of deep needs out there not as visible as the Hurricane damaged Gulf Coast--some are equally as devastating).

But a nice 30 percent raise--or even a 15 percent raise--now that would ease life considerably! It's almost obscene, isn't it?


Hi Rob

I get the feeling sometimes that these çompensation'packages are designed to retain loyalty...after all, if you are a CEO you probably know all the dirt, trade secrets etc, so I can only imagine it's a pay off to keep quiet...but it still is'nt right, particularly when there are so many ordinary folks struggeling to pay their utility bills.


Sounds like we are all pretty much together on this one!

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