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Wow, speaking of blogospheric benefits - I think catching up with friends from the past is a pretty great one!

Nice to read about your/St. Matthew's adventures here though I cant imagine how you find time to keep a blog!

So sorry to hear/read about your finger...that sounds unimaginably horrible to me. Just reading the description gives me chills! We will definitely pray for a speedy, relatively comfortable, recovery


Sharon (Wimmer) Rosenfeld


I somehow missed what you did to your finger. I hope it gets better soon!


OWWWW! That sounds painful and a pain in the neck to deal with!

When I was 6 or 7, the rim of a huge tractor fell on my dad's hand, nearly severing his middle finger. It was greusome and I still remember my very large Italian macho dad getting white as a ghost when he looked at it.

Maybe this is a chance to catch up on your reading?

How about some Laurie Notaro or David Sedaris so at least you can laugh? Very secular but belly-laughing good.


Oh, wow. Good providence on that healing!


Aw, thanks for the mention. I had so much fun making the brownies, packing them up and sending them off - I just knew they'd help take your mind off the finger drama! I'm glad your finger is doing well and I hope it continues on its speedy way back to normal!

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