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Miriam Turner

Well, that is a lot funnier than at my wedding when the priest asked Mason if he would take me as his lawfully wedded husband. :-)


Now that was funny!

Now that was funny!

(Double the fun?)


Too funny. I love that scene from Princess Bride.


That is hilarious - also I always think important events like weddings become even more fun when funny things happen. At my wedding, right in the middle of the ceremony, I noticed my husband's hand was shaking. It was the hand that was holding onto the very full wine glass, filled of course with red wine (this was a Jewish wedding). I started to envision all that wine ending up on my dress, so I peeled his fingers off the glass one by one, mouthing to him that he was going to spill it on me. Mind you, this is all going on while the Rabbi is talking. After the ceremony (thankfully no wine was spilled), my new father-in-law came up to me, mouthing the same words I had said to my husband - of course HE was watching and saw the whole thing! It was hilarious. I'm also very glad I didn't end up with a red and white wedding dress.

Ted Gossard

Good one. Amazing how funny something can be at the time. Surely, quite often, a gift from God.

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