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Loved the movie. Don't understand the poem at all. When are they going to develop extra processing power for brains again? I sure could use some this week...


For the past several years through the Christmas and New Year's season, I have watched the five Thin Man movies. I find the fashion, the absolute trust between Nick and Nora in spite of many situations that could be misinterpreted, their amusing give and take, and the acceptance by Nora of his often delightful friends with a criminal past, simply delightful. But, like Jan, I don't understand this poem at all. I think maybe I'm a little poetry impaired. LOL


Hey Rob,
I don't know if I understand the poem either, but I think I feel what it means. Something about how by limiting and limiting, we become nothing. But still, even as shut up and shut down as we become, perhaps even at nothing, we touch the Infinite (except now it sounds like I'm getting waaay too zen)
Is that it, a bit?
(and thank you)


oh. just read the post again.

BEWARE the Thin Man

I got the first verse, not the second. Not sure if I get the second verse yet. Must think about it some more!

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