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Ted Gossard

Great thought here, Rob. I consider my daily discipline (and I do look forward to it, for the most part) of listening to NPR has opened me up to appreciate insights and the stories of others, who are different from me. I'm sick of labeling. And I especially find this appalling and injurious when it comes from Christians in regard to politics. It's so easy to demonize others, and make them less than human. To mar their sacredness as image bearers or Eikons of God.


Labels cut both ways, the converse is also true: If you go out of your way to learn and change, your friends and family may continue to force on you the labels they've always had for you.

"Devote six years to your work but in the seventh go into solitude or among strangers so that your friends, by remembering who you were, do not prevent you from being what you have become." Leo Szilard

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