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Wow, that's an incredible picture. I have a few hummingbirds around this year, but only blurry pictures to show.


Wow! You got some great pictures, and I really enjoy the titles/storyline. Funny how hummers can be kinda "dumb" when they get indoors. I had one get caught in the garage once, with the big door OPEN! He just kept flying above the open door, then to the closed window, then back. Finally, he perched on a broom I extended just like yours did, and let me take him outside. Really nice blog you have here, BTW...I "flew in" from Tangled Branches' link.


What a great story, Rob. Scot saw another hummingbird yesterday (3 sitings so far) near some red flowers, but we still haven't seen any on the hummingbird feeders.
Question: Should we put some of the "red stuff" (whatever that is) in the sugar water in order to better attract them?

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