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My brother,
These transitions are so real and so important and at times they HURT. Such a weird mixture of pride and hope and grief.
I've sent my two daughters off, my son is in the 8th grade. Each occasion has been quite different, but painful none the less.
You will be in my prayers. And I appreciate your honesty, opening these feelings up in this way.
In addition, I am sorry the staffing thing worked out that way. I wonder what God has in store??

Ted Gossard

Blessings on all of this, Rob. Hope all is going well, and if it's Calvin, hopefully we can meet either this time, or another time.


I will definitely be praying for you, Rob. Keep us posted on Christine's transition to college.


You sound so mixed up, and that is not like you. You will be in my positive thoughts - beams like these >>>>>>>> will beam across the miles to comfort you. Positive thoughts on their way.

How is Linda taking it?


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