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maybe just too many comic books at impressionable moments of life...that and the time fold thing.

Aren't brains freaky?


I used to wake up like that. I'd have turned myself around in my sleep bed (head at the foot of the bed, or be partway off onto the floor) and everything would look wrong for several minutes while my brain sorted out where I was. Very scary.

Jenny Butler (Bradley)

Hi Rob, I'm a voice from the you remember the Bradleys from St. Martins in Monroeville, PA? I am 37, married and have 4 wonderful children now. My sister told me about your site (she stumbled upon it one day) and I check it out to see how you're doing every once in a while. It was so good to see your face. I often wonder how you are. Pertaining to your freaky experience, isn't getting old fun?!?

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