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Scot McKnight

Apart from the cat comment, I'm with you Rob. I can watch those little hummers for hours. We get a Cooper's hawk every now and then -- I hate that it captures little rabbits and birds but it is a pretty cool sight to see it swoop.


David bought us the Michael Palen's Pole to Pole, Around the World in 80 Days, and The Himalayas, which we have been slowly watching. I also saw the magnificent videos from Planet Earth that shows things we could almost never see in an ordinary life.

I am so grateful that there are these wonderful videos to "see" this wonderful world that God has given us. It makes it all the better for me that I can enjoy this from the comfort of my living room, here in America, where we have running water that we can drink and flush toilets that work.

And yes, I agree that watching my bird friends and the squirrel thieves at my backyard bird feeder is constantly delightful. ;-)


Yup! I watched an episode of Planet Earth (on rivers I think) at my parents' over the holidays. Fantastic photography; just incredible. But how much better to be there? Still, I think people need to be reminded how beautiful the world is. If you only ever watch the news or other trash on TV, you'd end up with a pretty ugly picture...

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