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Taking a shower isn't the best thing to do if your core temperature has dropped far enough (although it doesn't sound like you were in that much danger), all it does is get the cooler blood in your skin moving into your core, dropping your temperature even further. That's the "after drop" mentioned in the video. What you want to do is turn up the furnace, go in into the bathroom and turn the shower on, then remove your clothing and just sit and drink warm liquid. The warm air and warm liquid will warm your core up first so that you don't do yourself further harm.

If you're out camping (or away from a source of heat) with a group and someone gets hypothermic, then you cram as many warm bodies into a tent as it will hold to create a warm and moist air space then expose the person's skin and get them drinking something warm. Removing the victim's clothing is important: anything wet will draw heat away from them, and insulating-type clothing will prevent heat from reaching them.

Thus endeth the survival lesson of the day.

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