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great stuff Rob!

Michelle Van Loon

I found my way over here via your initial post on the topic at Jesus Creed, and am grateful I came back here to read this post.

A lot of that leadership stuff in the church carries the scent of human ambition, doesn't it?

Deacon & Usher

Usher: I think he's almost go it Deak, but only one thing makes me twitch

Deacon: What Usher?

Usher: Sounds like his goals and purposes are still his and not God's

Deacon: So you think he still doesn't get the fact that the "church" (Sunday morning service) cannot be the place where people get discipled?

Usher: Yeah Deak, - but I guess he's one of those that is stuck with a vocation he's lived is whole life and if he came to this realization - what else would he do?


Well written article.

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