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Interesting post written Rob. And , I've decided to say a loving prayer for the two of us today....I Do Not beleive it is of "Loosing in ones Faith" but, rather
the continual disappointments , and unfufillingnesses of How we as leaders/pastors are actually displaying Our God ,and all of His goodness , and the richness of it within the church. It leaves a woman actually gasping for air--in good Hopes that His mighty angels will come forth to fufill the "Love and Forbearance" quality anbd state of being it should be...just not seen in our todays age-No. I also believe that the fullness of Gods answers to all of our questions is still out there....a forboding philosophy matter now for me; yet to be ever seen again. Great post as usual...miss old Jesus Creed I do--but, rolling along with it as lady butterflies would....God bless you, Rahab


I totally agree.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful words and thoughts with us. I know I have been strengthed today through your words and want you to know I will be visiting regularly. Keep up the great work you do with this job. I have added to my favs and as I mention look forward to reading more. I hope you have a great week!


I hope friends' comments encourage you, Rob. I'm not much of a questioner, but I so appreciate knowing those who ask questions. I learn from them as I wouldn't if left to myself. Thank you for sharing what you go through (and what you're wondering about). And isn't it nice that all the saints can lift one another up? Thank you!


Well, I don't have much uncertainty in the answers as I can only ask myself the questions. It does lead to a lot of kicking of one's self, unfortunately, as one is always certain of where the blame lies... :)


Related post from another angle:

Rahab Klingensmith

I was pondering a discerning moment of truth being recified, and some very significant passages of scripture came to mind....I thought these might suffice for any neccessary ponderings of doubt in ones self perhaps; but, always holding steadfast to acknowledging under all certain terms "blame is greatly known before Our Heavenly Fathers Eyes"--"even the secrets that are NOT told" are some excellent passages for helps in these grey areas of uncertainity when it exposes a story greatly - - John Chapter 8-the entire passage, to coinside with the fufillments of Matthew 5:21-30 (The Laws Given) Not half way attempts, they jsut don't work....:)
Also, I agree whole heartedly with "One t" that compassionate "DaddyRoBlog' IS the next genereations Buechner!......Rahab-fun!

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