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Whew! No abstention from Thin Mints mentioned!

I did my good deed for the year already, so I figure I'm good for 12 months of crankiness, right?


I brought my St. Andrew's Daily Missal in with me to our Adoration Chapel this minonrg, and I read through that verrrry long' Epistle for today's Mass: the story of the virtuous Susanna and [what I like to call] the original dirty old men' from the Book of Daniel.I read to myself in particular the prayer which Susanna offered to God at her trial. This prayer is the opening piece in the 20th-century composer Richard Einhorn's oratorio about St. Joan of Arc, Voices of Light'. I have a CD of it, and the voice' of St. Joan is supplied by the non-disbanded early music ensemble Anonymous Four.Another great Lentcast, Father Z-I also liked the quote from the Holy Father's Lent 2012 message! Thank you again for all the hard work you do to put these together!

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