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I figure the job belongs to the first one on the scene. Flat is good!


Hey Father Rob,
Seeing this reminded me that I had actually been meaning to thank you for a while about this very thing. It was always very encouraging to notice how you always chipped in on tasks that weren't necessarily yours to do, when you could. Thanks, and I'll see you in around 5 days.


Ian always says 'lead by example' - people are more likely to want to help out if you as a leader are willing to get stuck in yourself.

A truism that is not always noticed.


Beer are the top seller when it snows in the south! So next time you hear the S word get your Beer and meovis then your milk,bread, and toilet paper! Let it SNOW because when it does we Southerner eat,drink and party on!!!!!!!!


Wow, Curious1, get a sense of humor. I'm sure your husband would apaceripte it. Of course, I'm sure that this blogger DOES consider her husband wonderful, as I can see that she is an intelligent, savvy woman, who would not reproduce with a loser. If you can't see that even a wonderful man can be a complete idiot, then you need to get a grip. Of course, the opposite is also true. I'm sure that my husband thinks that I'm the most annoying woman on the planet (right back at ya', honey), even as he loves me beyond belief. I am a devout Christian and a stay-at-home Mom to three (10, 12 and 20), and believe me, I can relate I am blessed to have my most wonderful husband but he irritates the crap out of me (and I, him) on a daily basis. That she has taken his quirks and made people laugh (at themselves) is a most WONDERFUL blessing.

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