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Lauren Anderson

This made me smile :) Thanks DaddyRo! I seriously love Octopi. I wish that I could keep one as a pet in my dorm room.

steve mobley

Rob, I had a real pet octopus for about a week. I had many years experience with salt water aquariums and always wanted one. I finally set up a smaller tank and after its break-in period I went and bought a small octopus from Elmer's Aquarium (remember that cool place?). Well, it quickly retreated under a rock upon release into the tank, where it stayed until it died a week later. Turns out they don't do well in captivity at all, but they failed to tell me that until after I spent the fifty bucks and called to inquire what I'd done wrong. Your story was much more intriguing. Thanks!

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i like this part of the post:"I was fishing, and for bait I was using handpicked live shrimp—the biggest shrimp available. Though they were also the most expensive bait available, the theory was that they were worth it because the biggest baits catch the biggest fish." is verygood


Octopuses do fine in captivity. You need to study up before buying one though.

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