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Excellent ideas all. Ya know, it's funny, the only times I hand-write a letter these days are to friends in prison. I always seem to have at least one.

Matt Hunter

Last year we started our second campus in a basketball gym of local university. Due to a scheduling conflict with a basketball tournament, we weren't able to hold church one Sunday. Our solution was to send everyone out to "Be the Church". T-shirts were made up and the instructions were simple: Go out and find a way to do simple acts of kindness in our community. We had groups go to laundromats and pay for loads of clothes, bus tables at a busy restaurant, offer to clean bathrooms at gas stations, etc. It made a huge impact on the church and community. This past summer we took it a step further and all three campuses went out to Be the Church. Not only did we send the entire church out of their buildings for the day but the week before the congregation was given a week's worth of offerings back to use for the next week's activities. That was about 2400 people out in the community living an example of Christ. The stories that came back from those experiences are breath taking. Even now, there are reports of groups caring on that philosophy. We got an email from a family that went to Winterjam and were having to scrape money together to make it into the concert. When they got to the doors, the were met by a H.O.M.E. group that was wearing their shirts and told them they were paying for the next ten people to get into the concert. That family then took the money that they were going to pay for the tickets and gave it to friends of theirs that were having a difficult time and paying it forward. Those little acts of kindness can catch on and light a fire. Sorry it's so lengthy but wanted to share the impact of a group of people purposefully going out and performing those acts of kindness and the way you can influence people outside of your walls


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