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Katt Hancher


Elly Hilz

Amen! Very well put.


I think this is a wonderful glossing over of some important truths. Truth number 1: There are some absolutes. To simply say that people feel the way they do because someone has hurt them is to say that they are wrong for (possibly) the right reasons. But it ignores the possilbity that they may be right for right reasons.

My nephew, who I love very much, is gay. Naturally he believes in Gay Marriage and a host of other things (such as abortion) that I, frankly, disagree with. I was not hurt by a gay person. I was not aborted. I just see the obvious truths of creation and scripture and acknowledge that God's creational order indicates that marriage between male and female is the natural and intended order of things.

Similarly, abortion is clearly the termination of life (early life, but life none the less). And if life is sacred, created by God, then we are killing millions of his creations for our own selfish convenience alone. To me, this is an obvious absoloute. There is no glossing over the truth by simply saying I feel this way because I was hurt by an abortionist or whatever.

Mind you, I am outspoken because I think it is equally as selfish to take the safe and painless path of quietude on certain subjects. I could care less if the Jets win in OT, but where faith in our Creator God is concerned, well, that gets personal for reasons other than "someone hurt me".

It was a nice sentimant though.


I need to consider how my words and actions will effect others—especially those who are different from me.”
“If they hate you, know that they hated me first.” It’s not us they hate, but Christ who we preach. If you preach Christ, don’t worry: he won’t deny you before men. But if you consider how your words and actions will effect others, and you let it sway your testimony, he will also deny you before his heavenly Father.

"This does not justify a belief that is wrong, but if we are ever going to really change it—instead of making ourselves feel superior, witty, and brilliant—we must first understand why they see the world as they do. Then we must stand with that person in their pain, whatever is causing it. Perhaps then, together, they will be able to walk out of it."
- Well put! but let's beware not to stand with them and enter damnation for the sake of friendship. God is very clear: "if you love me, you will keep my commandments" and "your brothers blood cries to me from the ground". No matter how broken and hurt others may be, we cannot allow them to be hurt even worse because we're afraid to compassionately shoulder them towards the tough decisions of seeking the forgiveness and mercy of God. All are broken, but repentence belongs to those who seek it sincerely.

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