> Spoons

I love this photo. That is Roland diving across the table. Notice how totally committed he is to obtaining a spoon as seen in his fierce expression and agressively extended tongue. Behind him is Heather, clearly glad to have her spoon and be out of Roland's way!

On Roland's other side is Missy, and next to Missy is Dave. You will notice Dave has a gash on his cheek. That is NOT from the game of spoons--honest!

That is my daughter lunging fiercely for a spoon. Next to her is Bree. She was very sweet, and the fact that she seemed to have procured a spoon shows that indeed, nice girls do not always finish last.

Nate, who to this point seemed quiet and well mannered, has ferociously launched himself across the table in search of a spoon. Monica, in the maroon shirt whose back is to us, has wisely decided to stand up and get out of the way.

Here I am trying to defend myself against Nate the Vicious. It is no easy task. You will also note that my daughter has taken to the floor either to protect the spoon she already has (in which case it is a shrewd move!) or in hopes of finding one that got knocked off the table in the melee.

Some folks played spoons a bit more properly than we did. Notice how neatly the spoons are arranged in this game. Come to think of it, the participants look more orderly as well...